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Minecraft – Creative Mode Vs Survival Mode

In Creative Mode – We can Practice Minecraft without fear of Dying.

Which is right for you?

There is no wrong way to play Minecraft (a fact that brings me great comfort each time I lose my inventory to a particularly persistent zombie). There are, however, different ways of playing Minecraft, and you might be sitting there (or standing, you energetic person you) wondering what these ways are. Fear not! This is what we’ll explore today, in a very trial-and-error and oh no what’s that hissing kind of way. (Disclaimer: Any loss of inventory due to poor teaching is at the risk of the reader, and not on me, the only-OK-at-survival-and-still-new-here writer)

– Sorry, what do you mean “loss of inventory”?

If you’re feeling plucky you can scroll ahead to find out about mobs, food, building or exploring specifically. Or you can stick with me and see it all! Are you ready? No? Let’s dive in anyway.

– Wait, which mode are we diving into? How far is the dive? Do I have enough air bubbles? Sophie? Sophie!


Don’t worry, friend! The first rule of Creative mode is that NOTHING can hurt you. Not even falling, because you don’t fall. You float. Toggle a button and you can drift through the Overworld like a majestic Phantom (or, frankly, anything with wings.) Even if we wait for night’s shadow to fall on us like a netherite-colored cloak, we won’t get hurt. And that’s because in Creative mode, mobs love you!

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